Get Ready For The Biggest Sales Event Ever: #ImoseAt3Deals

Get ready for the #ImoseAt3Deals Sales Event. It's the biggest ever!

We are still celebrating our 3rd Year Anniversary! A big congratulations to us once again!!!

Now, this is where it gets interesting. First of all, this event is about YOU - Our Customers - Our #AwesomeImoseCustomers. If you participated in the #Imose3030 sales event/campaign, get ready for even a bigger one. It's the #ImoseAt3Deals and we are very much excited about it! It's the BIGGEST SALE EVENT ever and it's happening across all our stores [Jumia, Konga and Yudala].

During this sales event, prices of all our best-selling devices will be sold at discounted rates up to 30%. [Here is where you have the WOW feeling]. Unlike the #Imose3030 campaign that lasted for just 30 minutes, the #ImoseAt3Deals campaign will last for a whopping one [1] week: July 17 - July 24. [You're welcome, guys. You deserve all these discounts really].

So, this is what you should do NOW: Cart all the devices you would like to own on all our Online Stores, get your laptop and smartphones fully charged and functional, tell family and friends about this sales event, order in bulk and resell to people around you, make money for yourself and still own these devices at the MOST AFFORDABLE PRICES ever. [Oh My God! This is so very easy!].

Our Social Media fans also stand to win many exciting gifts throughout this campaign. All they need do is actively engage us, share all our posts and tweets, and also invite their friends to participate in the discount sales. VERY EASY TO WIN WITH IMOSE MOBILE.