10 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Own Educational Tablets

African Kids Learning on their Educational Tablet

Recently, the educational sector has witnessed rapid inclusion of technology tools in ensuring teaching and learning are much more effective and engaging. A lot of schools have adopted these tools in form of educational tablets and have also recorded much improvement academically as informed by the parents and showcased by the students' performances too. 

For a lot of schools and parents that are yet to key into this developmental educational strategy, we have come up with 10 reasons why their kids should own the Educational Tablets too.

1. Early Knowledge of ICT
Access to technology and or ICT at large at an early age help one have an advantage over others who don't have this access. This is called the Digital Divide and has been the case overtime. "ICT is not the future of our children's education, it is the present and we need to make investment in ICT now".

2. Learning Becomes Mobile
With the abundant educational apps pre-installed (more than 15 apps are pre-installed on the Omotab 1.0 Educational tablet for Kids) and that can be installed, kids can now learn on-the-go and effectively too. This implies even when they seem to be having fun on their tablets, they are invariably acquiring knowledge too. 

3. Helps To Build Kids' Interests At An Early Age
There are children out there who are motivated by technology. They are future coders. Future designers. Future engineers. While these educational devices may not be able to teach them how to do all of these skills, it offers a smooth transition to when they are ready to assume their interests.

4. Improves Literacy
Children can learn how to read books on these tablets too. And one must admit that reading on their tablet may be seen to be much more entertaining by these kids too. This ultimately leads to improved reading culture and literacy rates that are the primary goal of parents and teachers or instructors too.

5. Preparing for the Future
The world is becoming a global village and the earlier one is introduced to tools that will shape the future, the better for one's career too. In actual fact, students these days must be technology-literate.

6. Ease of Use
A major reason why these tablets have enjoyed arguably a wide acceptance is because of the ease with which they can be used. Actually, kids can start using them right out of the box as they are designed to ensure they have a fun-filled time on them.

7. Budget-Friendly
The advent of these tablet devices have ensured that little or no textbooks are being replaced in classrooms as teachers and students are just some few apps away from getting their preferred textbooks via digital updates which are relatively cheaper or sometimes free. This helps the parents save money too. A very big example of such device is the Omotab 1.0 Educational Tablet for Kids.

8. Environmentally-Safe
These tablets save on paper big time. More trees are left without being felled as textbooks gradually become obsolete.

9. More than 70% of students have agreed that these educational tools have enhanced their learning experience.

10. Your Kids Will Stop Damaging Your Own Devices
Your children won't stop playing (and even damaging your devices) on your devices. Improper handling by the kids could lead to drops from heights which could lead to damages to your own devices. When kids own their educational tablets, they concentrate much more on them and do away with yours.

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